A community group within the Shire of Mt Marshall propose the building of an enterprise in the Mt Marshall Region.  An enterprise centred on the establishment of a Native Sandalwood Industry for the Region, driven by a grower’s cooperative, and focussed on growing, processing and selling of Sandalwood and Sandalwood products.  The beneficiaries of the enterprise will be the Mt Marshall community and those people who choose to embrace and invest in the enterprise and its opportunities.


Do you have challenging paddocks like this? You can bring them back to life. How? With sandalwood.


The Shire of Mt Marshall (the Sandalwood Shire) has a long history of harvesting and selling wild Native Sandalwood to the world market, but this enterprise will be based on plantation grown stocks and will invite all land holders and community members in the Region to participate.

Native Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) grows wild in Mt Marshall and offers land holders a long term tree crop that will deliver good long term financial returns and excellent environmental benefits.

The enterprise will not stop at the growing and harvesting of Native Sandalwood timber and nuts, but looks to opportunities to process and market the outputs and invite the world to come to its towns, land and homes to learn, buy and experience sandalwood.

This enterprise offers far more than just the financial returns to the growers and the region, though the financial returns are undeniable.  The benefits range from improvements in the community life for both the people in the towns and on the land to improvements in the farm landscapes, environmental outcomes and even the diversity of business opportunities and outcomes.  But perhaps the most important benefit will be the development of an identity for the community, a reason for the community to grow and be proud of its Sandalwood heritage.